Since the beginning of time, in the heart of Australia, the golden wattle tree has stood tall and proud. It’s known for its bright, sunny flowers and is loved by all.

Like the Australian landscape, the wattle is tough and sturdy. It knows how to survive the unforgiving Australian conditions, braving the harshest climates, weathering storms, droughts and fires.

The Future2 Foundation proudly includes the Australian Wattle in its logo. Why?

The resilience of wattle defines the Aussie kindred spirit, perfectly suited to our mission;  to support Australians in need in your local community. To help them bloom, after weathering a storm.

The wattle’s bright, cheerful nature is a symbolic reminder that there’s light, even after the darkest of days.

Through 17 years of Future2, the yellow wattle has stood tall and proud at the centre of it all. Serving as a symbol of hope and inspiration.