Legacy Brisbane Empowers Young Mentors

Imagine losing a parent who served our country. Now imagine facing that loss as a young person, grappling with grief, isolation, and an uncertain future. This is the reality for countless young Australians – children of fallen veterans.

Future2’s  2023 grant program focused on empowering organisations that address critical social issues and promote well-being, particularly for vulnerable youth.

Legacy Brisbane, a pillar of strength for veteran families for over a century, stands out for its unwavering commitment. They ensure that the families of those who served receive the support they deserve.

Legacy Brisbane’s Youth Leaders Program specifically supports young adults aged 18-25 who are the children of fallen veterans. Young people within these families may struggle with mental health issues, a lack of confidence, and difficulty navigating their future.

The Legacy Youth Leaders Program fosters a supportive community for these young adults. It equips them with life skills, builds confidence, and helps them navigate the challenges of grief and loss.

Future2’s grant focuses on providing specialised training in therapeutic crisis intervention skills.

Through this program, Youth Leaders will gain the knowledge and tools to become even more effective mentors for younger Legacy children (ages 8-17). Imagine the impact – up to 15 Youth Leaders empowered to support an estimated 40 children at the annual summer camp and beyond, providing companionship, guidance, and a sense of hope.

Learn more about the incredible work of Legacy Brisbane: Brisbane Legacy | Home.