Happy Home Supports Refugee Resettlement in Melbourne

Australia’s vibrant multicultural tapestry is enriched by the arrival of refugee families. However, navigating the initial challenges of resettlement can be difficult. 

Happy Home, a dedicated volunteer group, bridges this gap by providing essential support services to refugee families during their first year in Australia.

Future2 Foundation, recognises the positive social impact of Happy Home’s work. 

Happy Home focuses on a critical aspect of refugee integration: comprehensive resettlement assistance. 

Many refugee families arrive with limited resources and face challenges like securing affordable housing, navigating government services, and accessing education and employment opportunities.

Happy Home offers a range of programs tailored to meet the specific needs of each family. These include:

  • Accommodation assistance: Locating safe and affordable housing options.
  • Government services navigation: Guiding families through registering for essential services.
  • Financial literacy training: Equipping families with the tools to manage their finances effectively.
  • Education and employment support: Assisting families in accessing English language classes, vocational training programs, and employment opportunities.
  • Social integration activities: Connecting families with social networks and fostering a sense of  belonging in the community.

Happy Home’s impact extends beyond the immediate beneficiaries. By empowering refugee families to become self-sufficient, the organisation contributes to a more inclusive and prosperous Melbourne. The grant will enable Happy Home to support a refugee family for their first year in Australia, fostering their successful integration and enriching the community.