From unheard to empowered: How YAP is giving young people a voice

Imagine a world where young people are not just heard, but empowered to shape their own future. The Youth Accountability Project (YAP) is making this a reality, and their innovative approach is championed by Future2.

YAP stands out for its unique approach to youth empowerment. They recognise that young people, particularly those who have been impacted by existing systems, often feel unheard and powerless. 

YAP equips young people (aged 7-25) with the tools and knowledge to hold decision-makers accountable and actively participate in shaping their communities.

Many young people, especially those who have been affected by social welfare or justice systems, feel unheard and unseen. 

This lack of engagement creates a disconnect between young people and the systems that significantly impact their lives. Decision-makers often lack opportunities to directly engage with young people, leading to policies and programs that don’t address their needs.

YAP bridges this gap by fostering collaboration between young people and decision-makers. Their Impact Board, a group of young leaders, plays a central role in this initiative. Through community conversations, workshops, and research, YAP empowers young people to co-create accountability mechanisms. 

YAP’s approach has the potential to create lasting change. In Phase 1, they aim to directly engage over 300 young people and decision-makers. Through workshops and research, YAP will empower young people to identify areas where change is needed. 

Long-term, YAP envisions a future where youth-led accountability becomes the norm. This will create a more inclusive society where young people are empowered to advocate for themselves and their communities, fostering positive change for generations to come.