From Scraps to Supper: How Slow Food Hunter Valley is Fighting Hunger with Food Rescue

Imagine a world where perfectly edible food gets tossed aside, while some families struggle to put a nourishing meal on the table. This harsh reality exists. But in the heart of the Hunter Valley, a dedicated group is rewriting the script.

Slow Food Hunter Valley, with the empowering support of Future2, is tackling hunger and food waste head-on, one delicious “rescued” meal at a time.

Slow Food Hunter Valley embodies the philosophy of “good, clean and fair food for all.” But their mission extends beyond plates and palates. 

Through their innovative Food Rescue Kitchen (FRK), they’re weaving a social safety net, ensuring no one goes hungry in the face of abundance.

The FRK is a testament to human ingenuity and compassion. Here, a passionate team of volunteers work hand-in-hand with OzHarvest to transform “rescued food” – food nearing its expiry date or deemed cosmetically imperfect – into delicious and nutritious meals.

Local farmers and urban gardeners also contribute their surplus produce, minimising food waste while maximising community impact.

The FRK’s impact is undeniable. They currently provide over 8,000 meals annually to families in need across Maitland. However, the demand for their services has surged in recent times and this growth has sparked the need to move to a larger space.

The Future2 grant is a turning point for the FRK. This crucial funding will breathe new life into their new kitchen, enabling a much-needed renovation. Upgraded equipment and an industrial oven will streamline operations, while improved ventilation will ensure a safe working environment.

Slow Food Hunter Valley is a story of hope, resilience, and the transformative power of community. You can be a part of this positive change.