Building a Brighter Future for Women: Empowers Survivors

Imagine a lifeline for women trapped in domestic violence, a free online resource offering guidance, support, and the tools to rebuild their lives. This is the mission of, a remarkable organisation championed by Future2 Foundation in their 2023 grant program. stands out for its innovative approach to supporting women facing domestic violence and financial abuse. It’s a free, web-based platform providing critical information and resources at a time when victims may feel isolated and unsure where to turn.

Domestic violence and financial abuse are complex issues that shatter lives. tackles these challenges head-on, offering a safe space for women with resources tailored to their specific needs.

The website caters to a diverse range of women impacted by domestic violence, regardless of age or socioeconomic background. Many survivors face the additional burden of financial abuse, making it difficult to leave a controlling relationship.

The statistics paint a sobering picture: nearly 1 in 4 Australian women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime.

These women often struggle with fear, isolation, and a lack of financial independence. equips them with the knowledge and resources to break free from this cycle of abuse and build a brighter future. guides users through a four-step program, offering support at every stage of their journey:
Prepare: Develops safety plans and empowers users to manage their safety.
Act Now: Provides a searchable directory of essential support services.
Rebuild: Offers guidance on accessing legal, financial, and housing support.
Thrive: Focuses on building financial independence and long-term resilience.

The “Return to Work” resource, funded by the grant, has the potential to empower countless women to achieve financial independence. This, in turn, strengthens families and communities, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

Visit’s website to learn more about their incredible work and the impact they’re making.