News from Camp Kulin

News from Camp Kulin

The Future2 team was thrilled to receive news from one of our 2018 grant recipients, Camp KulinLocated in the Western Australian town of Kulin, the organisation supports young people affected by trauma situations. The Future2 grant supported 22 young people to attend a camp during July 2019 to take part in activities that build leadership, respect, self-confidence, self esteem and communication skills that they can use in every day life.


Here’s a just a small sample of what some of the young people told us:


“We had the opportunity to participate in the best camp in the world.”


“Camp Kulin has changed my life alot”.


“At this camp, I learnt to be patient, persist, work hard, be confident in myself and to trust others”.


Thanks Camp Kulin for sharing these moving stories and thank you to FPA member Michael Pyne CFP® for nominating this wonderful organisation for a grant.