How to prepare for the Future2 Hiking Challenge

How to prepare for the Future2 Hiking Challenge

With this year’s Future2 Blue Mountains Hiking Challenge rapidly approaching, now is the time for our hikers to start training! Here are a few tips to help them get ready:

  • Slow and steady. Start walking as early as possible and build your distance. Start with 2-3 walks a week (for an hour is ideal). A longer walk on the weekend is even better. Build up the length of your walks slowly, but aim to be able to walk for 5-6 hours at a time before your hike starts. A week or two out reserve your weekend to do a long walk each day, back to back.
  • These boots… Invest in proper hiking boots or shoes, and wear them often. Hiking boots need to be worn in and your feet need to get used to them. Sturdy but light is best.
  • Variety is the spice of life. Try walking on different terrain such as sand, rocks and dirt tracks. This will help build the muscles you may not use walking on a regular footpath, particularly those around your knees and ankles.

Want to get involved? It’s not too late for you to take on your own challenge. Sign up today for the Wheel Classic or Blue Mountains Hiking Challenge.

Please also consider supporting those that are taking part by making a donation. All funds raised directly support the Future2 Make the Difference! grants program providing critical support to not-for-profit organisations and charities across Australia. Click here to view the participants and find out more.