Future2 2022 Make the Difference! Grants

In December 2022, Future2 awarded $149,000 in grants to grassroots, community programs, supporting Australians experiencing social, physical or financial hardship.


Heal.ed Tribe Ltd
Northern Rivers, NSW

Endorsed by Shane Hayes

Heal.ed Tribe‘s mission is to deliver youth-led programs and opportunities for young people to feel seen, heard, supported and nurtured as they heal from eating disorders and other mental health concerns.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the recent devastation of the floods has had a considerable impact on the wellbeing of young people living in the Northern Rivers, NSW.

With the grant funds, Heal.ed Tribe is launching ‘Reconnect’, a wellbeing program, immersing young people of the Northern Rivers in healing and connecting retreat days to support them on their mental health journey.

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Human Nature Adventure Therapy Ltd
Ballina, NSW

Endorsed by Shane Hayes

Human Nature Adventure Therapy works with young people across the Far North Coast of NSW experiencing significant mental health challenges and disadvantage.

Over the past two years, young people in the local community have had to overcome significant challenges. By providing access to the skills, resources and tailored support that’s needed, young people are empowered to become leaders of change in their own life and take meaningful steps towards a brighter future.

The Step Up project will deliver two workshops for up to 25 people each, providing them with access to the resources and support they need to develop their financial life-skills and thrive.

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Luke Priddis Foundation
Penrith, NSW

Endorsed by Luke Priddis 

The Luke Priddis Foundation (LPF) is a non-profit that provides therapeutic services to children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the greater western Sydney region. After their son was diagnosed with autism, Luke and Holly Priddis established LPF to provide high quality interventions and community access services.

The funding will support the Westmead Feelings Program which helps Autistic students improve their social & emotional skills, and provides parents and teachers with the tools to support the emotional regulation of autistic students.

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Taldumande Youth Services
Crows Nest, NSW

Endorsed by: David Hyde

Taldumande Youth Services is a not-for-profit organisation, supporting vulnerable and homeless children and young people aged 12-24, and their families, across Greater Sydney. Established in 1976 as one of the first crisis refuges, on any given night, Taldumande has 71 children and young people in residence.

As well as Crisis, Semi-Independent and Community/Independent Accommodation, they provide Support Services, Outreach and After Care Programs.

The Family Restoration and Preservation Program (FRAPP) supports children and young people aged 12-15 years by providing specialist case management during a crisis with the intention of reducing family breakdown Grant funding will assist with helping as many local families as possible, due to the increase in demand.

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Collingwood Basketball Association
Collingwood, VIC

Endorsed by: Daniel Minihan

Collingwood Basketball Association is a not-for-profit community based basketball club which offers young players in inner city Melbourne the opportunity to participate in a variety of competitions and programs.

The Youth Development Program is designed to engage boys and girls between the ages of 12 to 24 in a team and club environment where they participate in physical activity, education support, life skills development and contribute to, and give back to, the community.

The program currently reaches 150 people and with help from the grant funding, the aim is to increase this to 250 people in 2023.

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Inner West Community Foundation
Melbourne, VIC

Endorsed by: Sandra McGuire

The Inner West Community Foundation is a not-for-profit, community association. The key purpose of the Foundation is to develop and support programs, projects and social enterprises to help connect, support and sustain the communities of Melbourne’s Inner West.

The Money Mentors Program empowers high school students in years 8-10 with knowledge around financial literacy. The Future2 grant will enable the Money Mentors program to reach 1,000 students in 2023.

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Open House Christian Involvement Centres
Macleod, VIC

Endorsed by: Chris Kozaris

Open House provides long-term care, support, and friendship for socially isolated and marginalised people in the community.

The Youth Workshop Mentoring Program is a student-focused, skills-based program that supports at-risk & disadvantaged school students (12-18 years old). The program focuses on improving the engagement of students by building self-awareness and self-confidence, improving social skills and providing learning opportunities and mentorship.

The Future2 grant funding will facilitate 20 additional students to engage with the Youth Workshop Mentoring Program in 2023.

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Australian Street Aid Project
Mackay, QLD

Endorsed by: Brad Gordon

Founded in 2019, Australian Street Aid Project is a registered charity with a mission to reduce rates of homelessness and to reduce the short term suffering of people who are experiencing homelessness. Additionally, they offer a homelessness employment program to young people who are either experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness.

Australian Street Aid offers the opportunity of employment within their non-profit ‘Chances Op & Coffee Shop’.
A career in hospitality opens many doors. It allows participants to not only gain skills and experience in a high-demand industry, but to gain skills that they are able to apply to any other career option such as: customer service, time management, communication and money handling.

The funding will be utilised to employ two young people in part time positions offering 12 hours per week, over a six month period.

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TRACTION For Young People
South East Queensland, QLD

Endorsed by: Tim Kent

TRACTION mentors young people with hands-on learning and mentoring programs designed to build confidence and skills. They teach respectful behaviour, responsibility, teamwork, and a new way of learning. TRACTION has supported over 1,950 young people across Southeast Queensland.

The Future2 funding will allow TRACTION to purchase 36 bikes for their bike building program.

Program participants, working in groups of 6, will dissemble and then rebuild a brand new bike under the tutelage of two, professional TRACTION Mentors, teaching basic mechanics along with practical, social, team building and communication skills that support their re-engagement.

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Variety – the Children’s Charity of Queensland
Brisbane, QLD

Endorsed by: Lindsay Wilson

Variety – the Children’s Charity in Australia has devoted more than 45 years to engaging with communities to support children who are disadvantaged and socially isolated because of physical or intellectual disability. Our mission is to empower Queensland kids who are sick, disadvantaged or living with a disability, to live, laugh, and learn.

The Variety’s Financial Literacy – ‘Real Money’ Program is designed to break the barriers to poverty through better knowledge and management of financial practices.

The grant will facilitate 40 vulnerable students to engage with the program over two semesters.

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12 Buckets Inc
Perth, WA

Endorsed by: Ciara Brennan

12 Buckets(12B) is a not for profit organisation that focuses on the social and emotional wellbeing of school students in the northern suburbs of Perth.

With the Future2 funding, 12 Buckets will run two group mentoring and personal development programs for 30 educationally disadvantaged students from local high schools who need guidance and additional support during their high school years.

The programs utilise the guiding buckets model which focuses on 4 universal growth needs: belonging, mastery, generosity, and independence which are needed to live a life of fulfillment.

Leading Youth Forward
Perth, WA

Endorsed by: Zacary Leeson

Leading Youth Forward enhances the lives of at-risk teenagers by providing one on one mentoring programs, and large group events, which provide positive opportunities and experiences within a supportive community.

With the support of Future2’s funding, Leading Youth Forward will be able to run a fully funded Big Day Out event.

Big Day Out includes development rotations and opportunities for participants to have fun, build connections, think about their future, identify their values, know their strengths and make positive decisions in their lives.

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The Salvation Army Arndale
Kilkenny, SA

Endorsed by: Tracey Edwards

Just Brass was created to enable young people to experience the rich benefits of music through individual and group learning, irrespective of family, school or community circumstances.

Delivered in a partnership with schools and The Salvation Army Arndale, up to 40 students are provided (on loan for the program) a brass instrument, a performance t-shirt, satchel with music books, a music stand for home practice, and tuition, all free of cost. During school terms students receive weekly tuition at school.

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Fostering Hope
Launceston, TAS

Endorsed by: Jane Clark

Fostering Hope is working to find more than enough homes for children that need them. They find homes for children removed from their families and growing up in out of home care.

This grant will enable Fostering Hope to expand its mentoring program to children growing up in care in Launceston. The objective is to find 10 mentors for 10 children growing up in care. The mentoring project seeks to match adults with young people between 7 and 12 years old in care. Mentors are people who choose to spend time with a young person, invest in them, and be an extra support in their life.

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Community Services #1

Endorsed by: Graeme Davy

Community Services #1 (CS#1) is a community based not-for-profit organisation that has been providing a wide range of services for over 2,500 families and individuals living in the local area and wider ACT region since 1987. Their programs and services are delivered across Canberra and include early childhood services, community development, transport services, social support groups, a food pantry and housing support. They believe that every child’s potential should be realised through full participation in education and community.

The Change Maker program is an innovative, grassroots, intervention program targeted at and driven by, disadvantaged young Australians in the ACT.

The program will reach 120 – 180 students from low socio-economic backgrounds and will help them engage with a range of learning and wellbeing activities.

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