Future2 2018 Make the Difference! Grants

In 2018, Future2 awarded over $180,000 in grants to community not-for-profit organisations with programs for socially and financially disadvantaged young Australians. There are 19 charity organisations across Australia who received grants, each endorsed by a local FPA member.

Byron Youth Services (Youth Education Support), Byron Bay NSW

Awarded $10,000 Future2 grant

Endorsed by: Shane Hayes CFP®

Byron Youth Service is a not-for-profit charity with the mission to create, support and lead community action for young people. In 2016, Byron Youth Services conducted interviews with high school students to find out what they would like to learn, if they could learn anything they wanted. Responses repeatedly included ‘how to do taxes’, ‘how to budget’ and other financial literacy subjects missing from school curriculums. This sparked the proposal for $-Smart Youth, a financial literacy course to provide workbooks, receipt holders and calculators to encourage students to maintain student learning well beyond the time of the course.

Byron Youth Services was also awarded a $10,000 Future2 grant in 2017.

The Run Beyond Project, Sydney NSW

Awarded $10,000 Future2 grant

Endorsed by: David Hazlewood CFP®

The Run Beyond Project (TRBP) is a free program where volunteer teachers provide long-distance running (10km or half-marathon) training to high school students who are refugees. Students participate in both physical training, as well as theoretical sessions which focus on how they can apply the skills developed to achieve their running goals in broader contexts throughout their lives. The project provides a gateway for students into the running community. Student achievements are celebrated within their school, rewarding participants and providing positive examples for the broader student body.

Run Beyond Project was also awarded a $10,000 Future2 grant in 2017.

Giant Steps, Gladesville NSW

Awarded $10,000 Future2 grant

Endorsed by: Luke Priddis CFP®

Giant Steps operates a school and intervention service specifically for children and young people with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The program provides opportunities for students to reach their optimal physical, mental and social abilities in a supported environment. ASD is a neurological disorder affecting social communication, including delayed or impaired language development, difficulties developing and maintaining relationships, difficulties understanding and using nonverbal communication and social imagination and play, as well as restricted and repetitive behaviours and/or interests. ASD affects 1 in every 100 children. There is no cure for ASD, it is a lifelong condition. The Giant Steps program offers occupational, speech and music therapies within educational programs that are tailored to each student.

SunnyKids, Sunshine Coast QLD

Awarded $5,000 Future2 grant

Endorsed by: Greg Tindall CFP®

SunnyKids is a grassroots children’s charity on the Sunshine Coast. It keeps ‘at risk’ children safe by ensuring they have food, shelter and a good sense of belonging in their community so they can become contributing citizens and reach their full potential. SunnyKids promotes the adage that “it takes a village to raise a child” and as such its model engages schools and communities in partnerships to identify and support vulnerable children. Each school is invited to enrol “the ten kids they are most worried about” into the program. SunnyKids professional support workers then join local and national sporting identities who deliver weekly programs at the schools, working through a series of activity based programs each with messages and disciplines that support young people to develop a strong sense of belonging.

Zephyr Education, Brisbane QLD

Awarded $10,000 Future2 grant

Endorsed by: Brett Cribb AFP®

Children affected by domestic violence are often given refuge in domestic violence shelters and have to change schools. Zephyr’s core purpose is to help these children resume their education as quickly as possible by supplying them with uniforms, shoes, text books, stationery and other school essentials. It also supplies swim packs and pays resource and sports levies. Supplying these children with the same uniform and other school-related items as their new classmates helps them to settle in at their new school, reduces the risk that they will be bullied (because they look different), and maximises their learning opportunities.

Smart Pups Assistance Dogs for special needs children, Sunshine Coast QLD

Awarded $10,000 Future2 grant

Endorsed by: Sara Stephens

Smart Pups Assistance Dogs for special needs children is making a positive contribution to the quality of life for children with special needs and their families across Australia. They raise and train Autism Assist, Seizure Response, Mobility Assist and Medical Alert dogs with Full Public Access certification. Smart Pups exists to help children with special needs lead a life of greater independence in safety and without barriers. A Smart Pup uniquely provides 24/7 emotional and physical support to safeguard the safety and wellbeing of the recipient child. The skills of a Smart Pup assists with reducing anxiety and social exclusion in public places, and maximises participation in life, boosting the potential for development, social and educational gains.

Can:Do 4Kids, Welland SA

Awarded $10,000 Future2 grant

Endorsed by: Travis Adams AFP®

Can:Do 4Kids (Townsend House Inc.) is South Australia’s oldest charitable service provider, offering vital therapy and support to children and young people who are blind, vision impaired, deaf or hearing impaired. Est.1874, Can: Do 4Kids has provided family-centered support to sensory impaired South Australians for 140+years. Its mission is to empower children to achieve their full potential by providing them with specialised sensory services. Can:Do 4Kids provides therapy, information and support to 1,500+ kids who are sensory-impaired. Families with children with other disabilities are also increasingly turning to Can:Do 4Kids for support and expertise (e.g. Down Syndrome, Communication delays, Autism).

Puddle Jumpers Inc SA

Awarded $10,000 Future2 grant

Endorsed by: Timothy Lindsay CFP®

Puddle Jumpers Inc. is committed to responding to the social development needs of society’s most vulnerable children and young people. It provides opportunities and support for children and families at risk, through holidays and recreational activities designed to promote personal, social and cultural growth and development. Programs are designed to empower young people to develop social, communication, team building, conflict management and problem solving skills. Puddle Jumpers’ program for young people aged 13 – 15 years is the MinTies program (Mentors In Training). Through this program, children at risk develop early leadership training until they can graduate at 15 years of age as a volunteer. The program also offers first aid and Bronze Medallion training. These young people then have the opportunity to use their new knowledge and qualifications for first time jobs and are set on a good path for future long term and full time employment.

Teen Challenge Tasmania Inc

Awarded $10,000 Future2 grant

Endorsed by: Wayne Fenton AFP®

The ‘#NotEvenOnce’ (NEO) program run by Teen Challenge provides young people (grades 7-12) with the information, social skills, personal resilience, and understanding to avoid the risks of substance abuse. NEO is an effective early intervention approach to reduce the uptake of alcohol and other drugs among young people. The school seminars cater for student learning within the framework of the Australian Curriculum and explain the ‘What’, ‘How’ and ‘Why’ of drugs and alcohol as impacting their minds, bodies, relationships and future. Creative teaching techniques are used including audio-visual, pathos, activities, role play and discussion. NEO steers youth away from addiction by increasing awareness and providing effective strategies.

Teen Challenge also received a $10,000 Future2 grant in 2017.

City Mission, Northern Tasmania

Awarded $10,000 Future2 grant

Endorsed by: Zach McArthur CFP®

City Mission is a local, grassroots charity serving communities in the north and north-west of Tasmania with a distinct client focus. It provides a range of support services to vulnerable people, including youth services, mentoring programs; children’s trauma, grief and loss support; drug and alcohol rehabilitation; emergency relief and family support; and short and medium-term crisis accommodation. It is currently expanding its mentoring support provided through The Mish, to assist a greater number of vulnerable young people to lead lives of significance and success and become positive contributors within communities.

South West Local Learning and Employment, South West Victoria

Awarded $10,000 Future2 grant

Endorsed by: John Bowman CFP®

South West Local Learning and Employment Network is responsible for the delivery of the Passport to Employment (P2E) program, designed for young people with mild to medium intellectual or physical disabilities (15 to 21 years) in their transition from school to further education, training and subsequent employment. The P2E program provides local secondary school students an external learning environment that helps build self-esteem, foster stronger social interaction and create networks away from their usual place of study. P2E provides a fun and interactive way to learn about ‘the transition from school to community’ while instilling knowledge of healthy diets, exercise, mindfulness as well as practicing job search skills, interview techniques, good dress sense and benefits of maintaining a positive outlook.

Boroondara Cares Foundation, Hawthorn VIC

Awarded $10,000 Future2 grant

Endorsed by: Richard Addison AFP®

In 2005, when the farmers of Moira Shire were suffering significant hardship as fires had ravaged their fences, many Boroondara Rotarians, under the banner “Boroondara Cares” headed north to help the farmers rebuild. One of the projects is the CHANCES Scholarship Program. The BCF CHANCES Scholarship program closes the gap on educational inequality and poverty by providing educational scholarships to financially disadvantaged, motivated and talented young people between the ages of 12 and 25 who live and / or study in Boroondara.

Hello Hurricane, Geelong VIC

Awarded $10,000 Future2 grant

Endorsed by: Nathan Boseley AFP®

Hello Hurricane aims to step-in at a critical period in young people’s development and offer a pathway for personal growth that will build resilience, knowledge, confidence and leadership amongst teenagers of the Geelong region. While particularly at-risk youth (as identified by school welfare departments) are part of the Foundation’s program, the services offered are mainstreamed so as to avoid creating social stigma attached to program participation. The skills promoted through Hello Hurricane benefit all young people, regardless of their ‘risk profile’ or other social categories. The program offers varied training for mind and body, promoting healthy living and also soft skills such as communication, teamwork, initiative, project management, time management and problem solving.

Leading Youth Forward Inc, Perth WA

Awarded $10,000 Future2 grant

Endorsed by: Zachary Leeson CFP®

Leading Youth Forward (LYF) is a completely volunteer-run organisation that exists to support and empower at risk teens aged 12 to 15 in Perth by providing one-on-one mentorships, encouragement, respite and life affirming experiences at a critical stage in their lives. LYF pairs teens with a mentor aged 22+ (usually a young professional or University student) and fosters a beneficial mentoring relationship by facilitating a structured program of events. LYF plans to hold four Big Day Out Development Days in 2019 which will help bring together nearly 200 mentors and teens for a day that is packed full of confidence building, social connectedness, physical activity, and planning and preparation for the future. The Development Days will provide tangible opportunities for at-risk teens to improve their life and job-readiness skills, for example, goal setting and preparing a CV.

Camp Kulin Charities Inc, Kulin WA

Awarded $10,000 Future2 grant

Endorsed by: Michael Pyne CFP®

Camp Kulin runs camps for children across WA, including those affected by torture and trauma situations such as children bereaved by suicide, those who have been through torture situations in refugee camps overseas, and those affected by domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse. Camp Kulin teaches life skills – leadership, respect, trust, self-confidence, self-esteem, perseverance, persistence, emotional regulation, anger management, problem solving and communication in a fun and meaningful way.

Role Models and Leaders Australia, WA

Awarded $10,000 Future2 grant

Endorsed by: Simon Chesson CFP®

The Girls Academy, part of Role Models and Leaders Australia, supports at-risk Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) girls across Australia throughout high school with one-on-one mentoring to complete Year 12. Aligned with 43 schools with 2,600 enrolments, the Girls Academy is a national leader in school based programs for ATSI girls. The program addresses educational disadvantage for ATSI girls, helping them engage and finish high school, and plan for the next stage of their life, be it further study, an apprenticeship, traineeship or work. The Girls Academy supports ATSI girls to engage in their education, achieve their goals and change their communities.

2018 Future2 drought relief grant recipient:

Riding for the Disabled, Wagga Wagga NSW

Awarded $10,000 Future2 drought relief grant

Endorsed by: Tom Harris CFP®

Riding for the Disabled (RDA) is an international organisation that provides horse related activities to people with disabilities, in order to enhance and develop their abilities.  The Wagga Centre is affiliated with Riding for the Disabled (NSW) Association and is a Registered Training Organisation. They offer riding lessons, carriage driving and Equine Facilitated Mental Health programs to those with any type of disability, including children. Their greatest challenge is raising the funds to help purchase enough feed to maintain the horses in a healthy condition so they can continue to provide services to their clients. The drought has dramatically increased the cost of feed for horses. A horse eats 9-10kg per day. As horses are monogastric (unable to vomit and are subject to colic), the feed range for horses is much more limited than for other animals. The Wagga Centre is competing to buy a small range of feed, often having doubled in price. Based on the current feed prices RDA’s costs have increased by approximately $20,000 per annum.

2018 Future2 drought relief grant recipient:

Ouyen United Football & Netball Club Inc, Ouyen VIC

Awarded $6,000 Future2 drought relief grant

Endorsed by: Stephen Wait CFP®

The purpose of Ouyen United Football & Netball Club is to promote the participation of members in AFL, netball and associated sporting activities to encourage social interaction, self-development and cultural awareness. The Club participates in the Sunraysia Football & Netball League, which is situated an hour north of their main home ground in Ouyen, Vic.  The Club’s members, players, supporters and sponsors are drawn from the wider Mallee district which encompasses an area covering approximately 455 km of Mallee dry land farming, which has been severely affected by the recent drought. During winter, this is the only major sporting organisation in the region that unites the wider community under one banner. The opportunity for the junior community members to have a safe, stable environment for them to participate in team sports is invaluable. The club is currently seeking to raise funds for an equipment transport trailer to ensure that all equipment can be transported securely.

2018 Future2 drought relief grant recipient:

QLD Rural, Regional and Remote Women’s Network, rural and remote QLD

Awarded $10,000 Future2 drought relief grant

Endorsed by: Susan Bryant

The Queensland Rural, Regional and Remote Women’s Network (QRRRWN) has 25 years of commitment and passion for building and linking communities of women across Queensland. QRRRWN connects, develops and inspires rural, regional and remote women funded through memberships and partnerships. It contributes by supporting and leading the empowerment of women through the use of services, social connectedness, development tools and programs targeting both personal and professional growth. One important initiative is the QRRRWN’s Youth Programme, which delivers an annual conference including education in leadership training, communication skills, resilience training, mentoring and financial literacy. The programme also include to a six months of mentoring. Part of this project is to provide financially assistance to a group of young women from drought affected areas with a bursary to attend the Youth Programme.