Make a Donation

Thank you for supporting Future2! Every dollar that you can give – or raise from your friends, family and colleagues – will contribute to a second chance and hope for a better future for young Australians who are struggling with social exclusion and financial disadvantage.

You can make a donation, or create your own event and fundraising page for Future2.

Our Everyday Hero

Future2 is working with Everyday Hero, a leading online fundraising specialist, to streamline its fundraising. Online donations are now made securely through Everyday Hero.

You can donate to our 2018 riders and hikers via the Future2 Wheel Classic and Hiking Challenge fundraising pages.

We are creating a web portal which will aggregate all of our online fundraising campaigns and provide us with detailed reporting on fundraisers, donors and payments.

Shortly, we will also have in place an online appeals functionality and the ability for you to register for events online.

Setting up an online fundraising page

Using Everyday Hero you can set up a branded fundraising page with images, video, personalised event posters, and a blog, in just a few minutes. Not only that, but you can also edit your donation thank-you email, update personal details and share your page via email and social media. Start fundraising now.