2018 Future2 Wheel Classic – support this year’s riders

2018 Future2 Wheel Classic – support this year’s riders
Thank you to our generous and committed FPA members who have already started training for this year’s Future2 Wheel Classic. You can support your family, friends and colleagues by making a donation to their fundraising campaigns. All funds raised directly support our annual Make the Difference! grants program providing critical support to not-for-profit organisations and charities across Australia. The riders who have already signed up for this year’s ride are:

Stephen Ballinger CFP® (Newcastle Chapter) Dave Dyson CFP® (Melbourne Chapter)
Craig Phillips AFP® (ACT Chapter) Richard Gosling AFP® (South Australia Chapter)
Natalie Randall CFP® (Riverina Chapter) Michael Smith (South Australia Chapter)
Darren Stevens AFP® (ACT Chapter) Phil Win CFP® (NSW Sydney Chapter)

It’s not too late for you to take on your own challenge.  Sign up today for the Wheel Classic or Blue Mountains Hiking Challenge.