Future2 is the foundation of the financial services PROFESSIONal

Through its annual Future2 Make the Difference! Grants program, Future2 supports Australians experiencing social, financial or physical hardship.

Since 2007, Future2 has committed $1.6m in grants to grassroots programs. We fund projects that contribute to skills training, financial literacy, work experience, community service, mentoring and much more.

Financial services professionals from across Australia contribute to Future2 through donations, getting involved in fundraising activities and by nominating causes for the annual Future2 Make the Difference! grants program.

We also receive critical support from corporate partners.


The Wheel Classic and Hiking Challenge will be held from 16 – 19 November 2023 in the Adelaide region, ahead of the FAAA Professionals Congress.

Registration is now open! 

Tie up your laces, or get on your bike, to make a difference to Australians in need!

Learn more about the Wheel Classic here

Learn more about the Hiking Challenge here 


Future2 is currently fundraising for the 2023 Make the Difference! Grants Program.

Help us make a difference to those in need in your local community by  making a donation (every cent counts!)


















“Thank you for awarding us $10,000 to expand our mentoring program to the northern region of Tasmania. We are so excited for the opportunity to support more children growing up in out of home care (OOHC) in Tasmania, via our Mentoring Program. This program breaks the cycle of poverty and disadvantage. Our dream is to find a mentor for every child in care in Tasmania.”

Mary Dickins, Executive Officer, Fostering Hope



“Heal.ed Tribe is thrilled to receive $10 000 funding through the Future2 Foundation that will go towards the implementation of wellbeing programs. These programs will support the mental wellbeing of 40 Northern Rivers locals, across a period of six months, within a region that has endured unprecedented hardship and challenge. Our heartfelt thanks to Future2 and Shane Hayes for their support of this project.”

Megan Stray, Heal.ed Tribe



“Taldumande Youth Services is a homelessness charity supporting children, young people, and their families across Greater Sydney. We would like to sincerely thank Future2, and our nominator David Hyde from Northbridge Rotary, for their contribution in supporting our cause.

The funds from the Future2 grant will go towards running our Family Restoration and Preservation Program, which helps preserve family relationships and reduce family breakdown.”

Taleh Holland, Taldumande Youth Services




Since the beginning of time, in the heart of Australia, the golden wattle tree has stood tall and proud. It’s known for its bright, sunny flowers and is loved by all.

Like the Australian landscape, the wattle is tough and sturdy. It knows how to survive the unforgiving Australian conditions, braving the harshest climates, weathering storms, droughts and fires.

The Future2 Foundation proudly includes the Australian Wattle in its logo. Why?

The resilience of wattle defines the Aussie kindred spirit, perfectly suited to our mission;  to support Australians in need in your local community. To help them bloom, after weathering a storm.

The wattle’s bright, cheerful nature is a symbolic reminder that there’s light, even after the darkest of days.

Through 15 years of Future2, the yellow wattle has stood tall and proud at the centre of it all. Serving as a symbol of hope and inspiration.


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